Cedar Designs/Linwood is a knowledge-based company with experts to guide you in the proper selection and creation of your home package through to the construction process. Here’s how it works:



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Project location • Proposed time-frame • Type of design • Size of home • Interior layout • Material selection • Rough budget



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Site information appraisal • Modify design to fit site • Choose material options • Linwood package pricing and product specifications • Assistance with budget



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Extended price protection • Detailed drawings including floor plans and elevations • Review and make any design or material changes • Final construction plans including structural review • Help finalizing budget • Working with Builders Guide



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Customer sets delivery date • Plans approved and colors chosen • Quantity survey finalized • Specialty items ordered • Materials manufactured and consolidated for shipping • Shipping schedule coordinated with builder



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Materials shipped to site according to delivery schedule • Builder confirms quantity and quality of materials received • In-house technical and engineering support as required • Advice on building process • Warranty package issued



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Independent builder construction of home package to “lock up” (creating a secure, weatherproof structure) • Services from the builder or other trades to complete the home and install customer-purchased finishings


Click here for Cedar Designs/Linwood home package construction process steps (pdf)

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