Cedar Homes Construction

construction-process1. Cedar Homes Site Preparation

The whole custom cedar home construction process begins with site preparation. This includes the installation of the driveway, bringing services such as water and power to the immediate vicinity of the actual site of the building, the layout of the septic field if required, and preparing drainage lines.

2. Cedar Homes Foundations

The next step is to excavate for the foundations of the cedar home. These may be simple concrete footings or a foundation wall. Quite often there will be a walk-out or regular basement involved and concrete floors will also be poured at this time.

3. Delivery of Material

Once foundations are in place the custom cedar homes package can arrive on site. The package consists of all the building materials needed to construct the shell of the home to the lock-up stage. Not only does the package consist of high quality materials but there is a major cost saving in assembly time and an elimination of the need for expensive running around to different building product suppliers.

4. Cedar Homes Construction of the Shell

The selected contractor commences framing the custom kit home. Linwood custom homes often involve post and beam type construction. This method is straightforward but a little different than conventional construction. The cedar home package comes with a detailed Construction Manual and access to the factory for advice.

Usually, a cedar home design consultant will also make site visits to make sure everything is coming together properly. When this framing is finished the roof will be on, windows in place, siding finished and exterior doors installed.

5. Interior Completion

This will involve a variety of specialized sub-trades. Each individual contractor should be clear about your expectations and use of materials before commencing work.

Needless to say, you should have already obtained a firm contract price at this stage. It is easy for this area to go over budget if expensive upgrades are made at the last minute.

Your custom kit home representative will work with you if required to help make sure that sub-trades are experienced, reliable and reasonably priced. Plumbing Electrical Heating Finishing Stone Masonry Drywall Insulation Flooring – Tile Flooring – Carpet Cabinetry Appliances Basic Trim and Painting

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