Cedar Homes Selection of a Builder

builder-choiceYou will need a qualified cedar home builder and a variety of sub-trades to ensure that construction quality levels are met. It is helpful to have trades experienced in the type of prefab kit home you are building so that they are not learning on the job at your expense.

Get at least three quotes from the various trades directly, or through a general contractor or project manager if you are not personally performing this role.

General contractors should be licensed and bonded to do business in your area. Make sure the quotes are realistic and that references are available on the individuals or companies concerned. The lowest price quote may not necessarily be the best. Pick people that you relate to and think can help you achieve the best result.


Cedar Homes Builder Selection

Builders are an important part of your team.

We can often assist in the selection process by providing you with the names of experience cedar home contractors involved in the program and sub-trades in your area.

A Dream builders of America program is available to all our customers. These builders and contractors have experience in building Linwood cedar homes before and have been recommended by satisfied home-owners.

Builders are available in most parts of North America and even overseas. In some locations travel may be required but the savings in using an experienced builder may soon offset any travel expenses incurred.

You should check quotes from your custom cedar homes team against other local competitors to make sure you are comfortable with your final selection.

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