Cedar Homes Budget Finalization

budget-finalizingThe Linwood cedar homes package provides you with all materials required to finish your custom kit home to the lock-up stage with the exception of the actual concrete foundations. Cedar homes budget finalization – The design costs including construction blueprints are also fixed as part of this package price.

One of the major causes of cost overrun are changes made to a building actually in process, particularly when nothing is put in writing concerning the costs involved. Some less scrupulous suppliers and builders will quote “artificially” low and expect to make money by making changes at a high incremental price. Alternatively they may give you an unrealistic price per finished square foot cost to divert attention from the cost of materials or services that they are individually supplying.

If the custom design is well thought out and incorporated properly into the construction blueprints, then the contract price for labor as well as kit home package materials can be fixed accordingly, eliminating this kind of problem.

The cedar home budget will consist of:

– Linwood Cedar Home Package
– Site Preparation and Foundation
– Framing Costs and Paint/Stain
– Drywall and Insulation
– Electrical/Plumbing/Heating
– Interior Finishing
– Landscaping

Linwood custom cedar homes developed a detailed House Construction Cost Worksheet based on the construction of thousands of homes. Cedar Designs Linwood representative will be pleased to assist you in using this worksheet to develop a realistic and comprehensive budget for building and finishing your dream home.

The final cost of your custom cedar home may vary considerably depending on the site location and the cedar home design chosen, the level of finishing detail and the different code requirements of the local planning departments. We will work with you to make any changes necessary to meet your budget expectations.

If you need financing, Cedar Designs can recommend national lenders who are familiar with our product and can provide speedy approvals.

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