Explore our Custom Homes Slideshow Gallery

Explore our Slideshow Gallery

Birchview Cedar Homes

Each slideshow gallery in this section displays exceptional design with the use of beautiful, natural materials that showcases soaring ceilings to imaginative ideas for fireplaces, decks and stairs. Click an image to view inside and explore the finishing touches.




Virtual Custom Home Tours


Custom cedar home virtual tours each tour will allow you to peak inside and see the beauty of your future dream home. By clicking an image thumbnail, you will be directed to a tour of one of these beautiful homes. Then when you click on any one of the “hot spot” icons, you will be able to view the interior rooms of each home. Click and hold your mouse button to have a look around. Enjoy! Dream a little!



Gallery of Customer Dream Homes



Explore a few dream homes of our customers

Each slideshow gallery in this section displays how some of our customers are realizing their freams of a custom home. Click an image to inside and explore their dream home in various stages of being built.