Cedar Homes | Kit/Package Specifications

Imagine receiving guaranteed pricing on your building materials for an extended period of time. Unlike other suppliers, you get the protection of fixing the cost at about one third of your total budget.

You get the right quality and quantity of materials for your custom homes package or cedar home kit.

You have a wide selection of brand name, high-performance building materials to choose from based on years of experience building award-winning custom homes that cost less to build than comparable homes.

Cedar Homes Materials Kit


The Cedar Designs / Linwood Architectural Series of homes is renowned for dramatic vaulted roof systems, the warmth of natural wood and an abundance of natural light flowing to the interior of the home. You can develop your own design or choose from our wide selection of customizable cedar home designs.

You simply get more at Cedar Designs / Linwood. You get a true custom cedar home design and detailed construction blueprints included as part of your cedar homes packages. True custom design means that you can fully customize your home to suit your preferences, needs and site conditions. You work with an experienced custom cedar home design team to help you to bring your project to life.

You can make as many changes as you want to your preliminary plans to create your ideal residence. Once construction blueprints have been drafted you can still make up to two sets of changes without charge. This process allows you to choose from an extensive range of the best building components available on the market.

Architectural Design Home Package
Classic Design Home Package
Post & Beam Home Package

cedar-home-option-suppliersMATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS & CHOICES
Materials included in Cedar Designs / Linwood’s Architectural specification are all premium products that offer superior performance characteristics combined with a great visual appeal. Energy efficiency and other environmental factors are included in the Cedar Designs / Linwood product selection process. For example, Cedar Designs / Linwood only deals with major national brand name suppliers and we also manufacture our own high-grade cedar components which are not available on the open market. This way you can select from the widest possible range of material options to complement your chosen design.

Our complete cedar home package not only includes true custom design but also pre-engineered construction blueprints as well as all the key material components required to get to the lock-up stage. These include the floor system, exterior & interior framing, roof system, windows, exterior doors, siding, and roofing materials. The complete package is then efficiently delivered to your building site.

Only Cedar Designs / Linwood offers you a full range of construction styles, featuring post & beam, timber-frame, log and hybrid methods. Our wide range of premium quality material options allows you to get the distinctive look you want inside and out. These materials include high grade structural components such as Douglas Fir glu-lam beams or pine and Douglas Fir solid timbers. Log profiles are available in western red cedar and Douglas Fir. Interior liner and siding components are made from kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar but are also available in a variety of other materials. You can find out more about the benefits of Cedar Designs / Linwood building components and specifications at www.CedarDesigns.com

The designs featured in our planbook have been priced based on the products included as standard in our architectural specification. The actual cost of your home package will vary depending on the type of design, options and specifications you select.

Changes to the featured designs can be handled easily by way of amendment to suit your budget requirements. Your sales and design consultant can help you create the home you want and advise you on the right combination of materials to get the best possible result.

Architectural Specification


Cedar Designs / Linwood uses brand name window manufacturers to give you quality windows with high performance, top of the line warranties and the greatest selection of options.

Our standard architectural specification features brand name dual pane, vinyl windows. These windows are available with either white or tan frames and also feature low-E coating and argon gas which help reduce heating and cooling costs.

The windows styles are picture, casement and awning. All opening windows have multi point locking systems, folding crank handles and screens.

These windows are constructed with a variety of elements designed to increase thermal efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling costs.

In addition to the standard white you can choose from a generous assortment of exciting architectural color options.

Other available options are:

– Metal clad wood
– Fiberglass
– Triple glazing
– Internal grills in a variety of colors
– Simulated divided lites in a variety of colors
– Window brickmoulds
– Primed or clear wood, vinyl or drywall returns
– Storm windows (Dade county rated)
– Reflective coatings to increase energy efficiency maximizing Uvalue
– Virtually unlimited choice of specialty shapes


High quality brand name 6 panel steel doors feature a tough, 24-gauge galvanized steel skin with an exclusive beaded sticking profile. With the standard custom-fitted polystyrene cores, these doors are also ENERGYSTAR ® qualified. Each exterior door comes with a 1O-yearwarranty. All exterior doors are a full 3′-0″ wide on all sides of the house (unless design restricted) .

Other available products are:
– Solid wood exterior doors
– Metal clad wood doors
– Fiberglass doors


Cedar Designs / Linwood Custom Homes

Cedar Designs / Linwood brand 1×6 western red cedar channel siding is %”thick and consists of premium grade, kiln dried, combed face, select tight knot material. The combed face finish allows best application and retention of stain.

Other available products are:
– 1×6 combed face cedar tongue and groove V-joint
– 1xl 0 combed face cedar boards with 1×3 combed face cedar battens
– 1×8 resawn face cedar bevel
– 2×8 cedar log look
– Cedar R&R shingles #1 blue label
– Cedar fish scales #1 blue label
– Cedar Haida Skirl bevel
– Hardieplank primed Cedarmililap siding
– Hardiepanel primed Cedarmill panels with battens
– Hardieplank shingleside shingles
– Hardieplank ColorPlus prefinished Cedarmill lap siding with a 15 year paint warranty
– Woodtone Finish First prefinished hardie plank Cedarmill lap siding with 25 year paint warranty
– Maibec board and batten, channel, cove, bevel or lap V-Joint pine siding with prefinished solid colors, (Ontario Only)
– Cape Cod board and batten, channel, cove, bevel or lap V-Joint pine siding with prefinished solid colors. (Ontario Only)
– SmartSide lap siding
– Vinyl siding in a variety of profiles
– Cedar, SmartSide trim and prefinished Cedarmill Hardietrim bandboards
– One or two coat at factory applied prestain using Timber Pro, Sikkens or Sansin
– Caulking in clear or cedar color
– Stainless steel siding nail

1×4 combed face western red cedar window and door trim boards on ALL house sides. A combination of 1×4 and 1×6 combed face western red cedar corner boards on all sides of the house to provide a superior look and
high weather resistance.

1×8 and 2-1×8 combed face, kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar fascia boards with 3-1×8 comb face, kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar fascia boards on the feature prow or gable of house.

Other available products are:
– 5/4 x 8 5martSide fascia on 2×6 SPF sub fascia
– 4/4 x 8 prefinished Hardietrim fascia on 2×6 SPF sub fascia

1 x 6 combed face, kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar soffit with Lomanco'”‘ aluminum venting strip.

Other available soffit options are:
– Primed Cedarmill Hardiepanel with Lomanco aluminum vent strip
– Prefinished Cedarmill Hardiepanel with Lomanco aluminum vent strip
– Lomanco aluminum vent strip available in white, brown or mill finish

Certainteed’M Landmark 30 fiberglass shingles with algae resistant coating and warranty against streaking and discoloration from airborne algae.

Other available products are:
– 40 – SOyear Certainteed fiberglass shingles
– 30 – SOyear IKO fiberglass shingles
– 30 – SOyear GAF/ELK fiberglass shingles
– 30 – SOyear Pabco fiberglass shingles
– 26 gauge Snap-Lok metal with hidden fasteners
– 26 gauge Diamond Rib metal
– 29 gauge Tough Rib metal
– l/2″or 3/4″#1 premium V.G. shakes, CCA treated


All framing lumber including roof rafters, floor joists, wall studs and strapping is premium quality and made up of appearance grade, kiln dried heat treated (KDHT) SPF lumber.

This export grade lumber is selected for appearance, straightness and strength. This allows for ease of construction and installing of interior finishing and trim

CSAdouglas fir glu-Iam beams at 4′ – 6′ on center where indicated on plans. These beams are architectural grade, sanded, and given a laminated sealer coat to protect and emphasize the natural beauty of the wood.

Many designs include a combination of open beam and traditional roof systems.

Other available products are:
– Solid douglas fir timbers free of heart centers
– Log beams

Beam to post engineered connections, if visible, are made with heavy gauge welded steel complete with bolts and primed black for maximum visual appeal.

2 x 15 KDHTsolid wood SPFrafters @ 24″ on center. Built from a solid 2 x 12 and 2 x 4 plated together to provide exceptional strength, more insulation and ventilation.

Other available products are:
– 2×12 SPF roof joists @ 24″ o.c.
– Pre-manufactured flat bottom chord trusses @ 24″ o.c.
– Pre-manufactured scissor trusses @ 24″ o.c.
– Pre-manufactured attic trusses @ 24″ o.c. for roof pitches over 9/12

2 x 4 KDHTSPFroof strapping @ 24″ on center to provide extra cross ventilation.

1/2″ plywood sheathing with H clips.

Other available products are:
– 5/8″ standard or better plywood sheathing with H-clips
– 1/2″OSB sheathing with H-clips

#15 Roofing felt, metal flashings and ice and water shield for eaves and valleys for all roof Pitches to meet building codes and shingle manufacturer warranties. Steel valley flashing, step flashing and roof to wall flashings in charcoal, brown or forest green.

Other available products are:
– Copper valley, roof to wall. and step flashing for use with cedar shakes

Continuous Lomanco'”‘ shingle over ridge vent. Easyto install with excellent weather protection and Dade County Florida rating. Dome type roof vents supplied where required.

3/4″ standard tongue and groove plywood and subfloor adhesive.

Other available products are:
– 5/8″ tongue and groove standard plywood floor sheathing
– 23/32″ Edge Gold OSS floor sheathing

2×10 #2 and better, kiln dried, SPFfloor joists @ 16″ on center with 2×2 SPFcross-bridging.

Other available products are:
– 2×12 SPF floor joists @ 16″ o.c. with 2×2 SPF cross-bridging spaced @ maximum of7′-O”o.c.
– Engineered I-Joist flooring systems

Pre-cut 2×6 SPFstuds @ 16″ on center with lintels, headers and double top and single bottom plate.

Garage walls are 2×4 SPFstuds @ 16″ on center with lintels, headers and double top and single bottom plate. 2×6 walls where required.

All exterior walls include a moisture management and cladding system around all window and door openings. Includes rubberized asphalt self adhering wrap, felt, caulking and steel flashings (available in white, charcoal or brown).

Other available options are:
– Prefabrication of exterior walls

Typarâ„¢building wrap is provided for all exterior walls and acts as an air and moisture barrier, while simultaneously allowing moisture vapor to escape from the wall cavity to the outside.

l/2″standard plywood wall sheathing. Other available products are:

– 1/2″ aSB sheathing

2×6 #2 and better, environmentally friendly, borate treated hemlock sill plate with foam sill gasket.

Optional ceiling and wall finishes are:
– 1×6 Cedar kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar V-joint T&G smooth face liner
– 1×6 Pine V-joint tongue & groove smooth face liner
– 1×6 Pine lap smooth face liner

Pre-cut 2×4 SPFstuds @ 16″ o.c. with double top plate & single bottom plate. Plumbing walls are 2×6.

Skylites and solariums are based on a combination of skylites and windows with exposed glu-Iam beams and are not included unless noted on this price list.

Skylites feature dual pane fixed with tempered and laminated Low-e argon glazing and include all required flashings.

Skylite and solarium options are:
– Manual venting or electric venting skylites.
– Tempered full glass solariums.

2 x J 0 joists at 16″ o.c. with 3/4″ plywood.
Vinyl decking and application by others.

2×8 pressure treated hem fir joists at 16″0.c. with 5/4 x 6 radius edge western red cedar decking. Railings are western red cedar 42″ high with 4×4 posts, 2×2 pickets and a 2×6 top rail. Pressure treated 2×10 nail lam beams and 6×6 posts where required.

Available deck options are:
– 2×8 SPF roof joists
– Pre-manufactured flat bottom chord trusses
– P.T.nail-lam beams
– P.T.nail-lam beams with cedar wrap
– Glu-Iam beams and posts
– Solid douglas fir beams and posts
– Cedar log beams and posts
– Douglas fir log beams and posts
– Cedar railing with 2×2 pickets
– Cedar railing with tempered glass panels
– Rustic cedar log railing
– Colonial pine railing
– TimberTech composite railing
– 5/4″x6 cedar radius edge decking
– 2×6 cedar S4S decking
– 5/4×6 P.T.pine decking
– 5/4×6 composite TimberTech decking
– 2×6 composite TimberTech decking
– 2×8 P.T.hem/fir deck joists @ 16″ o.c.
– 2×10 P.T.hem/fir deck joists @ 16″ o.c.

Porch roofs are included and consist of 6×6 posts. 1×6 , kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar, channel lap liner. Pressure treated nail lam beams, 2×8 or 2×10 roof joists, ply, Sheathing, roof protection, shingles and 1×8 , kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar fascia boards.

Standard carpet grade stairs are supplied between main and upper floors.

Other available products are:
– Curved carpet grade stairs
– Glu-Iam stairs

Timber accents are available for the exterior of the house with the following options:
– Solid douglas fir
– Solid kiln dried, select tight knot, Western Red Cedar
– Douglas fir glu-Iam

Rain screen is required in some locations to prevent moisture buildup. Cedar Designs / Linwood provides
a rain screen option that consists of the following components:
– Window flashings
– Flashing paper
– Peel & stick for gussets and sills
– Borate treated W’x 1-3/4″ lath @ 16″0.c.

Available insulation options are:
– R-44 fiberglass roof insulation
– R-40 fiberglass roof insulation
– R-28 fiberglass roof insulation
– R-44 Roxul roof insul. (thermal & fire resistant)
– R-28 Roxul roof insul (thermal & fire resistant)
– R-22 fiberglass wall insulation
– R-20 fiberglass wall insulation
– R-14 fiberglass wall insulation
– R-22 Roxul wall insul. (thermal & fire resistant)
– R-14 Roxul wall insul. (thermal & fire resistant)
– 6 mil poly and Tuck tape

Available drywall options are:
– 1/2″ standard drywall
– 1/2″ control density drywall
– 5/8″ fire guard drywall
– Drywall screws

Interior doors are included and are Masonite Moulded Panel Hollow Core Other available options are:
– 1 3/8″ Flush Panel – Hollow Core
– Masonite Moulded Panel Solid Core
– Solid Wood Stile & Rail
– Engineered Wood Stile & Rail

Borate treating is available for termite control and European standards.

The customer shall provide their own foundation walls and interior bearing walls or beams and posts. Basement packages including framing materials, windows and doors, are available at an additional cost.


All cedar homes designs are reviewed by a registered professional engineer for structural sufficiency and conformance to National Building Codes. Our reviews account for all standard specified loads including an assumption of a 40 pound per square foot ground snow load. Additional review and design modifications may be necessary where” non standard” loads occur. Site speCific and/or a locally certified professional engineer may be required by the building authority having jurisdiction. Fulfilling this requirement is the responsibility of the purchaser.