Cedar Homes Construction Materials

Cedar Homes Construction MaterialsAll cedar home construction materials, cedar siding and interior cedar components are made with Western Red Cedar – one of the finest building materials in the world. It’s naturally durable, dimensionally stable, and exceptionally versatile to build with. And above all – it’s beautiful!

Linwood operates their own sawmill in order to control and maintain the quality of all their cedar components, from the log all the way to the finished custom cedar kit home product.

All Linwood framing lumber is certified by the North American Lumber Grading Association, and acknowledged as the best available.


Cedar Homes Construction Materials

All other construction materials are supplied by major brand-name manufacturers and certified to national home building standard specifications. These materials include architectural laminated beams, plywood, a wide variety of windows, skylights, external doors as well as roofing material.

Plus, they’ve searched North America to bring you a wide selection of specialty items and put their buying power to work for you to obtain these superior products at an advantageous price.

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