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Americans are Panic Buying - Soaring lumber prices add $36,000 to the cost of a new home and a fierce land grab is only making it worse - pandemic home improvement projects, mill production cuts and this year's building season is causing an increased demand for lumber while supply remains low.


Wells Fargo economists issued a report detailing a perfect storm of circumstances that led to the current historically high costs for forest industry products.


The cost of what goes into the home is adding to it as material and land prices surge.


This surge in lumber prices to record highs was driven by an unprecedented shortage coupled with a soaring demand by home builders.


Soaring lumber prices add $36,000 to the cost of a new home, and a fierce land grab is making it worse.


Consumers are leaving pricey coastal cities in droves, looking inland toward markets that, by comparison, remain in the realm of affordability even for modest incomes.


They are reshaping what they truly value in life, how and where they choose to live. The pandemic sparked their long-term goal that has simply been sped up. A desire to search for a new way of life they feel will be better - a reaction to our uncertain world.


Since the North American sawmill supply chain is under a tremendous amount of pressure to keep up with demand, supply and demand has pushed the price of lumber to record levels.


Supply and demand are completely out of sync, and the pandemic is a major factor.


2021's Shocking Drop in Home Inventory Increasing Consumer Anxiety


Housing inventory has reached an all-time low with 40% fewer homes on the real estate existing home market compared to last year.


Limited housing inventory is sending panicked home buyers into bidding wars where they offer tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars above the asking price.


As the housing market gets leaner, potential buyers are turning in record numbers to new home construction. Custom homes: post and beam, cedar homes, conventional homes, log, prefab homes, timber frame homes.


However, many builders currently must pay more to get the materials they need. Lumber orders are taking weeks and months to fulfilment.


Due to the current competitive landscape, independent builders are booked out through 2022.


How Consumers are Dealing with the Historic Housing Market


Many consumers planning on building their dream home are considering delaying projects, downsizing overall square footage, opting for more affordable finish materials, or scaling back spending on appliances.


There is an alternative!


How Builders are Dealing with the Recent Increases in Lumber Prices


To deal with the recent increase in lumber prices, builders are turning to adding price escalation clauses in their contracts or delaying building and new sales. Some resorted to getting price guarantees from suppliers only to receive a 15-to-29-day guarantee.


Guaranteeing prices for a month, delaying construction or sales, or inserting escalation clauses does not compensate for the historic surge and volatility in lumber prices and the home building industry.


It only penalizes the customer.


Alternatives to the Perfect Storm of Escalating Home Prices?


Cedar Designs/Linwood is a superior solution by providing a six (6) month price guarantee.


While the material supply market has skyrocketed up to 300+%, Cedar Designs/Linwood have only raised their prices 9% over the past year.


Cedar Designs/Linwood has long specialized in the building of high-end single-family homes in rural and recreational areas. They are the acknowledged industry leader and largest player in this sector.


This is where consumer demand is strongest and where resources of all sorts are in extremely limited supply. These include basic project feasibility advice, design, material availability, and access to skilled labor - everything of importance.


Cedar Designs/Linwood is well positioned to meet the demands of this competitive landscape because of their substantial purchasing power, skilled people, key suppliers/contractors, and builder relationships established over the last 60 years.


Being well positioned has helped Cedar Designs/Linwood avert the big swings in the ever-changing market place especially in today's volatile market.


Cedar Designs/Linwood sales are up over 200% this last year. WHY?


- All Prices Factory Direct through Cedar Designs
- Free Shipping
- 6 Month Price Guarantee (extremely valuable price protection)
- a Wide Network of Independent Local builders in Key Markets
- up to 20% Discount over Comparable Custom Home Packages and Kits


Cedar Designs/Linwood is rising to the challenges and opportunities of this market and is currently accepting new orders.


You do not need to settle for less or downgrade your dream home options.


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