Cedar Homes F.A.Q.


Cedar Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a kit home package and how does Cedar Designs/Linwood Homes differ from other competitors?

A: A kit home is meant to package all the necessary precut materials needed to build your enclosed structure without having to worry about buying each piece individually. Linwood manufactures each area of your house, precut for easy construction, and panelizes the exterior walls systems as an option. The package offered is one of the most comprehensive kits available in the industry right down to the windows, doors, roofing, clips, nails, caulking, and adhesives. Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs - Linwood Homes also stands out above the rest by offering top quality, kiln dried, precut and panelized framing materials with quality specifications, such as their 15" rafters and laminated glulam beams, and select grade Canadian Western Red Cedar. Window selections include vinyl, vinyl with wood jams, wood case, wood case/metal clad from the largest window and door manufacturer in North America. Interior products are made available through the Maple Homes division.

Q: What styles of home does Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs offer?

A: We represent and build five different product lines, ranging from traditional styles, timber frame, to log homes. Log homes can be built in full-round, D-profile (round on the outside, flat on the inside) and other profiles. Our homes are designed as Post & Beam construction.

Q: What is post & beam construction and why is it so desirable?

A: Cedar Designs relies upon Post & Beam architecture and construction to support the weight of the roof instead of conventional trussed, stick house construction. It can also be combined with conventional construction for cost and design efficiency. This engineering system allows you to design your dream home with as much open space areas as desired without the interior wall supports that would ordinarily be needed, obstructing the view and limiting the open effect. Click here to view the differences between Post & Beam vs Timber Frame.

Q: Can I design my own cedar home or must Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs - Linwood plans be used?

A: Cedar Designs can help you design that custom dream home you have always wanted. We encourage the use of your own custom designs and plans and do not charge extra for them. Submit competitor's designs or choose from ideas from our variety of plan books, a combined selection of over 200 building plans. We find that the vast majority of our customers will find the perfect design in the plan books and modify the floor plan, dimensions, and square footage to meet their needs.

Q: What is so special about Western Red Cedar?

A: Western Red Cedar is recognized for its superior qualities outdoors. It is pitch free, fine grained, and has natural preservative oils, which allows it to resist cracking, splitting, shrinking, rotting, and insect molestation including termites. Western Red Cedar is graded by quality; number 1, number 2, premium, and select grades. We use only select grade Western Red Cedar, which is the highest quality, graded for its uniformity, beautiful grains, varied color, natural oil extraction, and clear or tight knot features.

Q: What is the cost of building such a quality home?

A: The average Post & Beam home kit (blueprints included) costs between $65-$85 per sq ft. The cost of construction, including the kit, will vary by area, state and country, but many of our owner/builders (one who does his own contracting) can finish the full construction for an additional $200-$250 per sq ft. It is important to take into consideration the construction cost index for your specific area of your state.

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