Cedar Homes The Sunburst



The Sunburst Chalet Custom Design by Robert Chodowski. The Sunburst - is one of hundreds of cedar home design packages. There is no extra charge for modifications. 

Custom home kits contain all the standard materials that are present in a Linwood package. A few modifications and upgrades were made to The Sunburst.

The chalet home has a metal roof and extra porch covers. Notice the detailing. Everything is enclosed in cedar.

The porch cover has a timber frame style. Notice the side deck and side porch. Plywood is used instead of OSB board so there are no formaldehydes.

Framing Lumber - Douglas Fir, Spruce or Pine are all graded highline. You get your moneys worth.

Our cedar home packages are engineered prior to shipping.

Heavy duty brackets are included and is necessary for the blue lands and posts.

High quality materials make a real difference in the ease of your build.

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