Linwood Custom Homes Expanding 2015

WHY-LINWOOD-EXPANDINGWith its Canadian head office in British Columbia and U.S. head office in Washington State, Linwood continues to expand its custom home package or kit offerings worldwide.

“The concept of a better, smarter home build is gaining momentum,” says Bill Mascott, President of Linwood Custom Homes. “This idea involves consumer customization from any location, green building features, less waste with pre-cutting and prefab, as well as the use of the best materials and straightest lumber at the start. Mistakes are avoided and the build is less costly.”

In Canada                      

“The demand for Linwood custom home packages continues to grow in urban Canada, many beautiful vacation home areas, as well as in the more remote, far north,” says Debbie Rhodenizer, Linwood Western Regional Canadian Sales Manager. Craig McFarlane, Linwood VP of Retail Sales, adds, “Other home package providers have not been able to compete on the level of quality and complete customization we offer customers. We are expanding heavily in Ontario with continued expansion of our builder/dealer network across Canada.” 

In the U.S.                      

Linwood continues to expand its outreach across the United States, delivering custom home building kits from coast to coast, including Hawaii and Alaska. “Linwood material home packages or kits have been created to serve the tropical climates of Oahu, as well as the colder temperatures of Juneau. Likewise, we can deliver packages to remote regions by train, ship, and even helicopter,” says Linwood Director of U.S. Sales, Jeff Herlocker. “We have a builder/dealer network in these regions.”


Linwood has credibility on an international scale:

  • Successfully designed and delivered more than 7,500 homes and other buildings in 26 countries since 1968.
  • Recently completed a 44,000-sq.-ft. clubhouse in Jilin City, China, and delivered three luxury show home packages to Yinchaun, China.
  • A Sakura Collection has been developed for wood homes to be built in Japan.
  • Shipping of all package materials to remote and long-distance destinations.


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