Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure During the Holidays

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Home Security Measures to Keep Your Home Secure and Safe


Home security measures such as alarm systems, hi-tech home monitoring systems, or smartphone monitoring services can monitor your home while you’re away.

Weekenders and snowbirds should consider their secondary homes the same way as their primary residences.

During the winter months care should be taken to properly dispose of any fireplace ashes in a metal container. Keep it away from flammables and not inside your home. It is known fact that many people dump their ashes into a cardboard box and place it in their garage. That’s a big no.

Check that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and that your dryer vents are cleaned of excessive dryer lint.

If you are away for long periods of time it may be advisable to arrange for a neighbor or friend to check on your home periodically, especially in the winter.

Especially important is to arrange that your driveway and front entrance-way are cleared of snow and ice. Emergency vehicles need unobstructed access to your home. It also prevents the possibility of any slip and fall accidents.

If you haven’t already done so, install strong dead bolts on all doors and possibly secondary locking mechanisms on windows and patio doors. A length of wood or pipe can prevent the opening of your sliding windows and doors.

Do your best to create the appearance that you and your family are living in the home by setting timers to turn on and off interior and exterior lights. Flood lighting around the house is a good way of thwarting any potential break to your property.


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If you are way from your home for several months in the winter, follow additional precautions:

  • pack up all food and alcohol;
  • don’t leave firearms in the home;
  • winterize and secure any vehicles left on your property;
  • leave a spare key with a trusted contact person;
  • avoid leaving any valuables (if you must, take photos, record their serial numbers or have them engraved with a unique identifier.

Check your insurance policy with respect to the regularity of home monitoring. You may be required to have someone physically check your home at predetermined periods of time while you are away. A good idea is to check with your insurance agent.