How To Get Started Building Your Cedar Home

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 Building Your Dream Home

Thinking about building a home or vacation home in the near future?
These 3 steps will help you get started:

  1. Evaluate Your Position. Be able to answer the following questions:
    • Where on your property do you want to build?
    • Do you have a particular design in mind?
    • What natural features does your property have?
    • Are all site services in place?
    • What size of home do you want?
    • What kind of quality do you want?
    • When do you want to start building?
    • When do you want to move in?
    • Have you researched building costs?
    • Have you prepared a budget?
  2. Make Informed Decisions. Do your homework on the following:
    • Compare similar projects to get the truth on costs and timelines.
    • Understand the differences in building material quality and performance.
    • Choose suppliers who can service their products in the field.
    • Beware of unrealistically low construction costs.
    • Ensure that all costs are included in your project budget.
    • Only enter into contracts with qualified builders.
  3. Protect Yourself and Your Family . Learn about the following:
    • The stages of building a custom home.
    • Designing to meet your needs and your site specifications.
    • Budget planning and managing cash flow during construction.
    • Important timing for permits, approvals and material delivery.

At no cost, or without any obligation, Cedar Designs can provide you with the answers
to these questions.

Book a free consultation to learn more today.

This complimentary consultation will help you create the best value for your project, whether you are building a home for enjoyment, resale, or both.

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Download: How To Get Started