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Why owner-builders choose Cedar Designs/Linwood:

Customized Home Building Solution

The Linwood home package works equally well for an owner-builder as it does for a hired general contractor. This is because it has been developed to offer a complete home building solution to meet individual homeowner needs. The objective is the same – to get the required result at the best possible price. Each package is fully customized to deliver the right combination of design and materials so that the home can be built in the most cost efficient manner.

Ability to Save Money

Many of our customers want the satisfaction of being involved in the building of their home and being able to save money at the same time. This makes a lot of sense if you have the time and expertise to do so. Some customers want to organize the entire job while others want to be take over the finishing of the home once the structure is complete. We help you understand what is going on so you can decide what works best for you.

Maintain Budget Control During Construction

We help you generate a realistic budget based on a design that is suitable for your project. This can be used to obtain accurate written quotes from subcontractors and trades. These quotes should include the scope of work which details the work to be carried out. You can then use the budget to pay for work satisfactorily performed and maintain financial control over the project.

Managing the Project

Building is largely a predictable process as the basic steps are the same once the design and property characteristics are taken into consideration. However, someone must be in charge of the project and manage construction. You need to determine if you want to act as general contractor or in some other capacity. We help you make the right informed decisions so that you can hire and supervise people with the right skill levels for the different tasks involved.

The basic elements for you to consider and manage include:

• Selecting the right design and building materials
• Finalizing a proper budget to control the project
• Getting building permits
• Hiring qualified contractors and trades
• Ensuring scope of work is defined in written contracts
• Obtaining proper liability and course of construction insurance
• Preparing the building site
• Scheduling necessary inspections
• Coordinating foundation construction
• Supervising construction to the lock-up stage
• Organizing Trades to Finish to Occupancy

There are lot of different tasks involved and many of them need to be carried out sequentially. This takes a lot of organization and decision making which in turn requires you to understand what is going on at each stage of construction. We can advise and support you through the key stages of getting your home built at the best price.

We understand what it takes to get an organized and successful result and can get you started down the right path. This is why owner-builders find Cedar Designs is such a great resource.

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