Cedar Homes FAQ Video

Cedar Homes FAQ Video

Q: What is a cedar home package and how does Cedar Designs/Linwood Homes differ from other competitors?
A: A cedar kit home is meant to package all the necessary precut materials needed to build your enclosed structure without having to worry about buying each piece individually.

Q: What styles of cedar homes does Cedar Designs offer?
A: We represent and build five different product lines, ranging from traditional custom, conventional, post and beam, timber frame styles, to hybrids

Q: What is post & beam construction and why is it so desirable?
This engineering system allows you to design your dream home with as much open space areas as desired without the interior wall supports

Q: Can I design my own cedar home or must Cedar Designs/Linwood plans be used?
A: Cedar Designs can help you design that custom dream home you have always wanted, submit competitor’s designs or choose from over 300 building plans.

Q: What is so special about Western Red Cedar?
A: Western Red Cedar is recognized for its superior qualities; pitch free, fine grained, and has natural preservative oils that resist cracking, splitting, shrinking, rotting, and insect molestation including termites.

Q: What is the cost of building such a quality home?
A: The average Post and Beam home kit (blueprints included) costs between $55.00 and $80.00 per sq ft.

Q: How can I get additional information on the Linwood Homes?
A: If you would like additional information call Tel: (800)-728-4474 or visit our website at www.cedardesigns.com.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Robert and Riki Chodowski of Cedar Designs have been in the design and construction business full-time for over 20 years,

Q: What’s unique about Cedar Designs?
A: At Cedar Designs, we offer you choices, custom design (including hybrids) and comprehensive cedar home packages at up to 25% less than the nearest comparable competitor.

Q: What materials are included in your home packages?
A: We offer the most complete, high-quality packages in the industry; framing materials, siding (cement fiber, vinyl or cedar siding), windows, exterior doors, roofing — even the nails, caulking and adhesives.

Q: What materials are not included in your package?
A: Packages do not include the foundation, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, drywall, and optional items.

Q: Since your home packages come from Canada, will I be charged a tariff?
A: No. Since our home packages contain precut lumber that is bundled with roofing, windows, doors and other materials, they are considered “value added” products and are not subject to the tariff.

Q: Can I see a model home?
A: Yes. Please e-mail or call Cedar Designs at (800) 728-4474 or (509) 427-4944 to make an appointment.