Dream Houses

Building Your Dream House…
A Treasure Map for Custom Home Explorers!

Ever dreamed of building a place just for you, a cozy corner filled with sunshine and laughter? A dream home that’s as unique as your epic collection of seashells or as vibrant as your favorite superhero? Well, guess what?

DREAM HOUSE: YOUR Exciting Adventure

Building your dream home isn’t just for grown-ups in fancy suits! With a little planning and a dash of imagination, you can set sail on this exciting adventure, too!

But hold on, matey! Before you start hammering nails and picking out paint colors, there’s a treasure map to follow. This map has five big islands you need to explore, each one holding the key to figuring out how much building your dream house will cost.

Island One: Land Ahoy!

Imagine your dream house nestled on a perfect patch of earth. Maybe it’s by a sparkling lake or nestled amongst whispering trees. But just like pirates wouldn’t sail on any old piece of driftwood, you need land that fits your budget and dreams.

A super cheap plot might seem like a golden doubloon but watch out for hidden costs! Burying a foundation in solid rock is like digging through a mountain of treasure – expensive and tiring!

So, choose land that’s just right, like a friendly island welcoming your dream house with open arms.

Island Two: Site Prep & Service Crew!

Before you raise the sails of construction, there’s some island tidying to do! Think of it as clearing the way for your pirate ship.

This means getting the land ready, like chopping down any pesky trees, hooking up water and electricity, and making sure the ground is strong enough for your dream house to stand tall.

Some islands might have hidden surprises, like buried treasure in the form of old buildings that need knocking down, or maybe even tricky soil that needs special attention. And if you’re building far away from the city, you might need your own water supply, like a magical well!

So, be prepared for some unexpected adventures on this island.

Island Three: Design & Materials – Pick Your Pirate Ship!

Now comes the fun part! Designing your dream house is like choosing the coolest pirate ship ever! You get to pick the shape, the size, and even the materials it’s made of.

Some captains might prefer a cozy galleon, while others dream of a towering flagship. But remember, the bigger and fancier your ship, the more treasure it costs. Some companies, like Cedar Designs, are like friendly mermaids, helping you choose a pre-made ship design or even build your custom masterpiece!

But don’t be fooled by simple cost-per-square-foot estimates – those can be like tricky sirens, hiding extra expenses in their songs.

So, explore all the options and pick a ship that fits your budget and makes your heart sing!

Island Four: Building Buddies – Assemble Your Crew!

Every pirate needs a trusty crew, and building your dream house is no different! The cost of construction depends on who you hire to help.

Busy cities might have lots of skilled builders, but they can be expensive, like rare pearls! In quieter towns, finding the right crew might take a bit longer, but it could also be cheaper.

And remember, the season matters too! Building in winter can be like finding hidden treasure – discounts galore as house builders have less work!

You can even save some gold by getting involved, like choosing the captain of your construction crew (the general contractor), helping manage the project, or even doing some of the work yourself (that’s called “sweat equity,” like digging for buried treasure!).

Island Five: Finishing Touches – Make Your Ship Shine!

This is where your dream house comes alive! From the floorboards to the faucets, every choice you make will add to the final cost.

But don’t worry about decorating everything at once, especially if you’re just starting. You can add the finishing touches over time, like collecting shiny jewels for your pirate ship!

Maybe this year you will add some cozy carpets, next year you install sparkling chandeliers, and the year after that, you build a secret pirate hideout in the attic!

Remember, your dream house is a journey, not a destination, so enjoy the ride and add treasures as you go!

Let’s Work Together To Find A Cedar Home Design That YOU Love

Building Your Dream House

And there you have it, mateys! With this treasure map and a little planning, you can set sail on the adventure of building your dream house.

It won’t be easy, there might be storms and rough waters, but with a bit of imagination and these five key islands to guide you, you’re sure to reach your paradise!

So, raise the anchor, hoist the sails, and get ready for the most epic adventure of your life!

Your Dream House Construction Journey

Remember, Cedar Designs is like a friendly lighthouse on this journey. They can answer your questions, help you navigate the tricky parts of the map, and make sure your dream sails smoothly into your reality.

Just like a trusty lighthouse beams its guiding light across the waves, Cedar Designs is there to illuminate the path and ensure your dream house construction journey is smooth and successful. They’re not just experts in designing beautiful and functional homes; they’re your partners in making your vision a reality.

Think of them as your friendly neighborhood pirates who’ve charted these waters countless times before.

They know the hidden reefs of permits and regulations, the treacherous shoals of unexpected costs, and the exhilarating open seas of design possibilities.

They’ll help you avoid getting shipwrecked by unforeseen obstacles and keep your budget and timeline on course.

So, whether you’re a seasoned captain with a detailed blueprint in mind or a wide-eyed cabin boy just starting to sketch your dream on a napkin, Cedar Designs is there to lend a hand, a map, and a hearty dose of encouragement.

They’ll answer your questions with patience and clarity, celebrate your milestones with genuine enthusiasm, and be your rock when the construction waves get a little choppy.


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Building Your Dream House is an Adventure

Remember, building your dream house is an adventure, and just like any good pirate tale, it’s better experienced with a trusty crew by your side.

So, set your sails, chart your course, and let Cedar Designs be the guiding light that leads you to your paradise.

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