Cedar Homes Pricing

Cedar Homes PricingPrice is important, and we’ll try to give you some useful numbers with regard to your cedar homes pricing.

However, with something as complex as a house, apples-to-apples comparisons are difficult. Even two homes with identical rooms and square footage can vary widely due to location and customer choices.

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Most of our eventual customers were also considering architect-designed homes to be built by a general contractor.

Cedar Homes Pricing

For these customers, we are very competitive.

1) Our designs are proven – we seldom experience cost overruns due to on-site changes that are typical of stick-built homes.

2) We can modify our cedar home plans for you at no extra cost. There is no incentive for you to say “good enough”, until you are satisfied. You save $ by not having to pay for drafting.
3) A cedar kit-built home assembled by an experienced crew goes up much faster than a stick-built home.
4) You may still use or be required to use a local general contractor.

Most of our customers want high quality at the lowest price.

We are very competitive here also

1) The quality of our Canadian lumber is outstanding, and far superior to what most contractors can purchase from their lumber yards, even if they are willing to pay a premium.
2) Building with high quality, straight and true components means that everything goes together the first time with lower construction cost. You will not experience settling problems from our kiln-dried material.
3) The average post and beam home kit (blueprints included) costs between $50.00 and $70.00 per sq. ft. The cost of construction, including the kit, will vary by area, state and country, but many of our owner/builders (one who does his own contracting) can finish the full construction for an additional $80.00 to $100.00 per sq. ft. It is important to take into consideration the construction cost index for your specific area of your state.
4) For cedar log homes add 50% to 100% more to the post & beam kit price depending upon size, species of log, and features. Timber Frame Homes, which are completely different than the post and beam will cost 100%+ more.

For those who are more budget conscious we offer architectural specifications with the same quality you can expect from a Linwood Homes company, but designed with Prefab (panelized) walls and more conventional features at a kit price of 10% to 20% less then the Linwood Cedar Homes packages.

For prices and additional floor plans and home designs, contact us.