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Award-Winning Custom Homes of Your Dreams for the Lifestyle You Always Wanted!

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Cedar Homes, Post and Beam Homes Custom Built to Fit Your Lifestyle

A custom home design you love from Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs will provide you with a lifestyle you always wanted.

In addition to a custom house design you deserve, imagine a lifestyle that is charming, luxurious, and exciting.

Today’s cedar homes, timber frame and post and beam homes are meticulously built to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles… Open floor layouts, soaring ceilings, flexible rooms, low-maintenance materials, and other features make owning a custom cedar home highly desirable to own.

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You’ll find a variety of inspiring ideas on how to
make your custom dream home a reality.

Cedar Homes Packages & Kits

A Better Way to Build

A Better, Cheaper, Faster & Safer Way to Build a Custom Home

Custom Home Package

Premium Lumber Components & Beams,
Brand Name Windows & Exterior Doors
Superior Roofing System, Meaningful Warranties

Quality Builder/Contractor

Site Preparation & Foundation, Construction of Cedar Designs Package to “lock-up” Stage

Custom House Designs

Full Custom Design, Concept Design Drawings – Detailed Construction Drawings, Site Specific Designs, Green Design Features, Technical Assistance & Support

Better | Affordable

Better: Design & Construction Drawings, Material & Warranties
More Buying Power, Lower Structural Labor & Finishing Costs,
Less Waste

Faster | Safer

Faster: Guaranteed Quantities, More Efficient Construction Process
Safer: More Budget & Project Cost Control, Proven System… Built Thousands of Homes

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Discovery Custom Cedar Homes
Modern Custom Homes Design

Custom House Designs | Quality Prefabricated Materials

“Looking for a prefabricated, post and beam, or timber frame home at a price up to 25% lower in comparison to the closest custom home, prefab home comparable company?”

In brief, Cedar Designs provides custom-designed prefabricated home kits that go above and beyond your expectations… modern homes, cottages / cabins, craftsman homes, traditional homes, log homes and timber frame homes.

Award-Winning | House Plans of Superior Quality

Contact Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs when you’re ready to make your dream of living in a custom-built home a reality. Allow Cedar Designs’ team of custom home professionals guide you… Support every step of the way to a one-of-a-kind custom prefab house built just for you!

In particular, you’ll be rewarded with a stress-free and enjoyable custom home building experience!

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Blackcomb Custom Cedar Homes
Post & Beam Homes Design
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Brookfield Custom Cedar Homes
Post & Beam Homes Design

Post and Beam Construction

Today’s cedar houses are precisely built to accommodate a wide range of house plans and designs. Custom-built cedar homes have open floor designs, high ceilings, flexible rooms, low-maintenance materials, and other features that make buying a custom house more inviting.

You can rely on Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs to be your trusted advisor because of their professionalism and reputation as one of the best custom home package dealers.

Video Testimony Post & Beam Home

“The builders that built this house, the framers, every body was impressed with the quality of the lumber we got. It definitely makes a big difference in the finishing. You’ve got lots of great lumber to build with. There’s nothing like this house.”
Custom Post & Beam

a Custom Home Design that

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