Linwood Post Beam Construction

The Linwood Exterior Package

In brief, a Linwood home package refers to the building materials
used to create the structural “shell” of a home.

Linwood’s home package “shell-up” building materials are pre-measured and shipped to the
building site. A builder then works on the home site to create the “shell” or main structure of the
home. Aside from superior materials supplied at factory direct pricing, some key advantages
you get from building a Linwood home package are:

True Site Specific Design™ for the creation of your very own Linwood custom home package
• Hundreds of pre-designed Linwood home packages and the ability to make custom design changes
• Home packages and house kits delivered to the most challenging locations
• Brand name building materials and exceptional products for cedar homes and other new homes
Expert planning and advice on new home prices and budgeting
• Access to an extensive network of home builders

Before you commit to any materials for your build, make sure you are comparing apples to apples –
that is: outstanding quality to outstanding quality. Cedar Designs/Linwood delivers on excellence,
but in the home building market there are many variations in between.

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