Lindwood Custom Cedar Homes Package Included Services

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What’s included with A Linwood custom home package?


Linwood Cedar Homes Packages

Linwood offers more than building plans and the corresponding home package materials. The following 8 additional services are included:

Linwood consultation

1. Site Specific Design™: Linwood is know for its consultation with homeowners to maximize the best land characteristics, access, set backs, etc. of each building site.




Custom Home Cottage 2. Custom Home, Cottage or Cabin Design Services: Linwood offers nationally-recognized, award-winning custom design. Linwood can customize a pre-existing Linwood design or create a new home design from scratch.



Linwood plans3. Rough Budget Planning: Linwood has the in-house tools and construction planning expertise to help establish a rough budget for each build.




cedar-homes-services-44. Material Selection: Linwood offers the widest range of quality home package materials to choose from – including windows, exterior doors, roofing products, timbers, beams or siding materials.




Linwood builders5. Builder Network: Getting the right builder plays a key role in the success of any project. As a result, Linwood offers access to a builder network in many different regions.




Home Package Shipping 6. Home Package Shipping & Delivery: Whether by truck, rail, ship or helicopter, home packages can be shipped to the most challenging building sites.




cedar houses supprt7. Technical Support: Should changes be required in the planning stages, Linwood’s in-house experts can talk directly to planning officials, builders and local engineers




cedar homes warranty8. Warranty Package: A full warranty package is issued with every Linwood material home package.




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