Cedar Homes a Cost-Efficient Elegant Alternative

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The Timberlake Cedar Homes

With conventional home values plummeting, a new generation of energy efficient
cedar homes is becoming the latest alternative for cost conscience home buyers. 
With sky rocketing energy prices, eco-savvy homeowners are turning to the durability,
ease of maintenance and enegy efficiency of western red cedar. Red cedar with its
natural insulation value has a tendancy to keep your cedar home cooler in the summer
and warmer in the winter.


Cedar homes are not only more energy efficient than traditional homes, but they
return a higher resale value.


Benefits of Cedar Custom Home Ownership:

– Higher resale values - up to 35 percent higher and cedar homes sell in less time
– Lower utility bills - 15-20% more efficient than a conventional home
- Lower maintenance costs - cedars natural preservatives deter both insects and decay.
– Timeless beauty - with the sweet fragrance of a forest
- Natural sound insulation - built with environmentally sound materials
– Superior craftsmanship built with higher standards and
- Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

As with many of our cedar home plans, we will provided you with incredible design
flexibility and customization to your needs.

Low Cost with High Design Options
With today's cedar home market, you'll find that it is easier and less expensive to
realize your home ownership plans. In addition to the distinctive design elements built
into each cedar home, you will also experience the warmth and aesthetic appeal of
premium Western Red Cedar.