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Custom Cottages Cabins – Build Your Lifestyle 


People recognize that a home is one of the most important assets they will own and build memories with friends and family.

Your lifestyle dreams and financial situation will influence the decisions that are important to you when making future home buying decisions, especially when building a custom cabin, cottage or chalet.

When building your dream home, one of the major factors you should consider is your desired lifestyle. Your lifestyle and personal preferences should take priority in your decisions and future planning when building a custom home, cottage, cabin or chalet.


Build your lifestyle into your home

This is your family’s custom dream home, so design your house around your lifestyle likes and wants.

Do you enjoy recreational activities, do you enjoy entertaining or do you simply enjoy peaceful rest and relaxation?

A dream home get-a-way can be your spot for fun, relaxation, entertaining or recreational activities. For those who love to ski, fish, golf, enjoy being on the waterfront or enjoy the surrounding wildlife, there are places you can build a custom home where you can escape to…a mountain cedar home, custom cabin, custom chalet near a golf course, cottage on the waterfront, cabin in the forest, a wildlife custom retreat or a post and beam home on a beach.

Remember the times when you rented a retreat by a ski resort or lake? Do you miss the fresh air that leads to deep sleep? Are you planning to live in your vacation home while renting out your city home?

Technology has made it possible for many to work and live wherever they want.

A custom home is just that – custom built with everything you want and need in a dream home.

When you begin looking for the perfect lot of land for your dream home, take some time to check the building codes and allowances. Consider the things you want, and then see what areas allow them.

Where you build your dream home is nearly as important as how. And your home’s location will affect what you want to and can do with the house, structurally and aesthetically.

Most people have their lot picked out long before they build their custom home. But if you’ve already bought your lot, you’re much better off modifying your home design to the features of your site rather than trying to force your house plan design onto it.

Your house plan design impacts everything related to your custom home build, from the exterior landscape to the interior finishes. Developing a realistic budget threshold in advance of your house design is the best way you can prevent situations from occurring and keep your house building costs from spiraling out of control during construction.

You will appreciate that there is nothing like owning a truly custom-built home that provides you with a distinctive sense of pride. Building a custom home will provide you with a house that meets your requirements and expectations. Your custom dream home is 100% brand spanking new and your itching to showing it off!


Best Places to own a vacation home in 2019

With extremely low interest rates and increasing economic confidence, people are looking to purchase property to build a custom home on. Why?

They consider building a custom home as a sound investment: a beautiful custom home in rural settings will become increasingly desirable – and valuable.

Building a secondary home can be part of a sound retirement strategy. Many savvy people are renting out their properties during seasons they’re not there.

The biggest shift in second home ownership is to rural areas since urban destinations fell off as a good investment.

Recreational Property Report states that two-thirds of a growing class are interested in cottages, cabins, chalets or retreats.

Thirty percent of vacation property owners and 32 percent of investment property owners plan to rent their homes as short-term rentals.

33% of vacation buyers purchase in a resort area, 24% in a rural area, 21% purchase on a lake front, 18% in a small town, and 15% purchase in the country.

States with the most second homes in at least one county are Arizona, Florida, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, Delaware, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina, and Maryland.


Tips & Secrets You Need to Know

Before Building Your Dream Home

The Ultimate Custom Home Checklist provides Simple Steps to
Successfully Build Your Dream Home
 to Last a Lifetime.



Q: What Material Choices Do I Have?

Extensive Range of Materials

Top 10 Counties with the Most Second Home Ownership:

Maricopa County, Arizona

Palm Beach County, Florida

Broward County, Florida

Lee County, Florida

Riverside County, Florida

Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Collier County, Florida

Suffolk County, New York

For those concerned with climate change, green cedar homes, post and beam homes or timber frame homes can help you build an energy-efficient western cedar custom home or cabin that saves you money while helping the environment.

Build your custom dream home and make it your own!

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