Cedar Homes – Panelization

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Cedar Homes – Wall Panelization

Wall panelization is popular where fast construction is required, skilled labor is limited, or the homeowner wants to act as the general contractor. it reduces waste and supports green building practices.

Our triad Framing System

In response to growing demand, a line of automated wall panelization equipment has been added. This acquisition solidifies Cedar Designs/Linwood’s leadership position in the custom design and supply of outstanding material home packages. Our factory can efficiently produce quality wall panels  at the rate of two homes per day.

This superior triad framing system can:

• Manufacture conventional walls up to 10 ft. high  and 16 ft. long.
• Manufacture complex walls with compound angles suitable for our large gable walls and prow style walls.

Traditional  Framing Materials

If wall panelization is not right for you, Cedar Designs will provide the very best framing lumber available so your home can be framed on site.

On-site framing may be the best option where:

•    framing labor is very competitively priced and  readily available
•    access is restricted for delivery of wall panels and installation equipment
•    delivery costs to site are unusually high due to  challenging locations


Wall panelization is a fast, precise method of house framing wall sections at the Linwood factory that results in an excellent finished product. It also:

•    allows for a fast build
•    reduces costs in areas where framing labor is expensive
•    provides straight and accurately pre-built walls with very few nail- pops, or ceiling and corner cracks in the finished drywall
•    reduces waste and clean-up costs at the job site
•    reduces potential theft as panelized walls are hard to steal

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