What is the Cedar Designs Linwood Cost Advantage

What is the Linwood Cost Advantage

Experienced builders know that a Linwood custom home package or home kit offers BETTER VALUE, LESS RISK and an overall LOWER COST to build a quality custom home.

Here’s What a Few Experienced Builders Say:

“The West Coast, and Linwood in particular, is known for the best framing lumber, cedar and solid timbers in the world. As a builder located in the Eastern US, Linwood enables me to create an affordable custom home product using exceptional materials.”
– Mark Cartwright, M&J Building Contractors, Inc., Prattsburg, NY

“The more homes I can construct efficiently, the better my business can run. The Linwood system – with its design and building material package or kit – enables me to do the job of building on site, and keeps my prices competitive for my customers.”Justin King, King Construction Services, Jonesport, ME


“Linwood provides a complete, cost-effective solution for our building projects, including design expertise, outstanding building materials, and excellent technical support. With the Linwood system, we can build quality custom homes quickly and meet customer budgets.”
– Anthony Moore, US Homebuilders, Eugene, OR



“Linwood’s material package is superb. The lumber is consistently straight, dry, and by far, superior quality to anything else I have seen on the market. The doors, windows and roof system that complete the package are first rate and make my job as a builder go exceptionally well.”
– Brian McNeely, Complete Carpentry, Peterborough, ON 

“My goals are to maximize the value of each building lot and build a unique, energy-efficient home. Linwood gives me the best system to do this – and the ability to add the greatest overall value.”
-Bob Granberg, Granberg Construction Ltd., Kamloops, BC 

“We’ve had incredible success with the Linwood package in Hawaii. The designs and materials can be customized to meet our climate. Also, Linwood’s factory direct pricing gives affordable access to excellent materials that, otherwise, could not be found here.”
– Morris Takushi, Hawaii 5-0 Construction, Oahu, HI 

Ask for detailed proof if any builder says he can supply and build your new home “cheaper” than if you were to build from a Linwood design and material package. To see the full story, click here.

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