2016 Trends for Your Cedar Home


When examining the many home design trends for the coming year, the verdict is in:natural is magical”.

Architects and home designers worldwide are using nature as the central theme in the new homes they create. As a company that has created home packages from natural materials since 1968, Linwood designs and building kits continue to embrace nature as key. Here are three top trends you may wish to incorporate into your home design planning:

1. Daylighting Your Space

Now, more than ever, people are realizing the importance of bringing natural light indoors. One key benefit is that natural light in a home or work environment has proven to be physically good for us. Other advantages of bringing more daylight into your home are higher energy savings with lower utility bills, reducing lighting consumption by 50% in many cases.

2. Upcycling or Repurposing Items

A wooden toboggan used as a stand-up book shelf? A canoe hung as wall art? People are using their imaginations to turn discarded or old items into something that creates character in a home.

3. Using More Natural Wood

In bathrooms in particular, countertops and accents are turning towards natural wood. “2016 is on track to be the year of the timber top,” says Scott Beechey, Design and Selections Specialist from Mitcham Plumbtec. He adds, “Timber allows a new dimension in adding a natural warmth and feel.”

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